Value Proposition

  • Our Firm - Our unique and comprehensive planning process addressing a vast array of areas of a client’s plan. Our process of building, implementing, and managing this plan around your unique goals and objectives sets us apart from transactional based competition.
  • Our Company - We are backed by the financial strength of an industry-leading company in Northwestern Mutual. Since 1857, Northwestern Mutual’s financial strength and stability have backed our promise to be there for clients when their financial security is tested. As a mutual company, Northwestern Mutual focuses on clients’ long-term needs- not just selling a product or answering to shareholder demands. In today’s global environment, the company offers clients financial security solutions backed by the company’s exceptional financial strength.
  • Insurance - Exclusive access to Northwestern Mutual industry leading products.
  • Investment Options - The Advisory Investment Team, which is based in Milwaukee, provides investment research and consulting support for our advisory products and services. The Weilert Wunderlick Armstrong team has direct access to the investment consultants who assist in addressing specific client needs by providing enhanced portfolio analytics, investment research and guidance.
  • Planning Culture - Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company has grown from the rich Northwestern Mutual tradition of developing enduring relationships with clients by providing expert guidance for a lifetime of financial security. Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company can serve as corporate trustee or co-trustee for a variety of trust arrangements. We provide the full array of services you would expect from a professional fiduciary, including investment management, distribution management, custody of assets, tax reporting, and other services. Additionally, we provide the added benefit of a local Wealth Management Advisor to work with you and your beneficiaries to help achieve the financial security objectives of you and your family. We desire to reflect the commitment made by Northwestern Mutual to increase the depth and breadth of our network of specialists for the benefit of our policyowners and customers.