How We Work

WWA Our Process chart

Our process involves placing you (the client) at the center of our Wealth Management and Retirement Income Planning Process. This process has primarily been developed by the experiences of our senior member Tom Weilert and his over 35 years in the financial planning profession. It involves breaking down all of a client’s assets into the different subcategories you see above, and doing an audit of all of these different pieces before putting together the overall plan.

  • Family Plan & Dreams- The most important part of this process is getting to fully understand you and your unique business and family needs.  This is the foundation for any successful plan.  We want to have a firm understanding of what it takes financially to run your household and of any special circumstances we need to plan for such as potential family support or special needs.  Not only do we want to understand all facets of this, but also to verify the protection in place to insure your wishes are carried out as well as consistent tracking over the years of different steps and goals accomplished.
  • Your Capital- We breakdown your investment assets starting with Concentration Capital (your business) and making sure we have a firm understanding of all operations, entities, and partnership structures.
  • The personal investment accounts are broken down into three other investment categories:
    • Your Diversified Capital such as your 401K, IRA, Advisory, etc. and how they are allocated as well as fee structure.
    • Your Liquidity Capital such as cash, municipal bonds, and life insurance cash values.*
    • Your Income Capital such as Social Security, Pension, and Annuities.
  • Your Income- We do a thorough breakdown of your retirement goals and how to utilize different assets for retirement while keeping our eye on appropriate tax management.  While doing so, we are cognizant of protecting those different assets via referrals for appropriate P&C coverage as well as entity arrangements.  What follows this is planning with your legal counsel to draw up or update all necessary Wills and ancillary documents to provide proper backing to your financial wishes.
  • Your Legacy- The final stage of our process involves the proper distribution of your estate at death. We help answer the questions of who gets the money and how do they get it. Asset location becomes a critical aspect of this planning process. We also help clients facilitate how all their valuables and family heirlooms can be easily transferred down to heirs. As part of this process, we also collect a list of all advisors and documents to prevent the inevitable ‘looking through Dad’s filing cabinet’. We like having everything in one place for ease of transfer to heirs. Finally, along the way we are going to learn a lot about each other and your family and will keep track of what we see are your guiding principles and values to make sure those live on through any transitions.
  • Your Business- Our proprietary and thorough fact-finding process, WWA Wealth Strategy Builder™, puts all the complex pieces of clients' financial lives in one comprehensive plan, helping clients make the best decisions now to protect a lifetime of work and leaving a legacy for their families. For Business Owners, the WWA Business Strategy Builder™ takes this process one step further by incorporating the additional challenges you face within your business and navigating the complex relationship between your personal and business plans.
*The primary purpose of permanent life insurance is to provide a death benefit. Using cash values to supplement your retirement income will reduce benefits and may affect other aspects of your plan.