Our Ideal Client

WWA Our Ideal Clients

Our ideal client has achieved or is in the process of achieving financial success but is acutely aware of risk in their financial future and their business. They need to love someone: God, family, heirs, charities and possess traits that we admire such as being hardworking, having high integrity, caring, etc. Most importantly, they need to be open minded. We need them to collaboratively plan, engage, and grow with us over the years. We cannot properly do our job without understanding all the different intricacies of your financial profile. We will normally ask for investment statements, policy statements, copies of legal documents, tax returns, etc. and we need the client’s cooperation in obtaining these in a timely manner to verify the accuracy and completion of the plan the client has engaged us for. We are here to help set you up for financial success so that you may focus on life and family.